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Sedation Dentistry

Don't let your fear of the dentist stop you from getting the medical care you need.

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Dental Implants

Why put up with the hassle of missing teeth? Dental implants look natural, feel great, and restore function.

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Orthodontics and Invisalign

You don't have to hide your smile! Find out more about how we can easily correct common alignment problems.

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Patient Testimonials

Crowns | Happy patient reviews Dr. Igor Kaplansky, Gasport Dentist

Implants | Patient's experience with tooth replacement, Lockport Dentist

Happy patient review | Gap fix with implant Dr. Igor Kaplansky

Happy patient discusses her experiences with Dr. Kaplansky | Gasport Dentist

Dental Care with Dr. Igor Kaplansky | Gasport Dentist

Implant Patient | Dr. Igor Kaplansky, Gasport Dentist

Happy patient review | Implant with Dr. Igor Kaplansky, Gasport Dentist

Dental Implant patient, Dr. Kaplansky, Lockport, Gasport, Medina

Happy patient describes his dental implant experience at Dr. Kaplansky in Gasport NY. Painless and professional service.

Orthodontic treatment with braces. Dr. Igor Kaplansky, Gasport, NY 716-772-7500

Orthodontic teeth movement. Treatment with braces performed by Dr. Igor Kaplansky. Actual patients, different ages, children and adults. Light Force Orthodontics - quick, comfortable, lasting results. Serving Lockport, Medina, Middleport, Gasport and all surrounding communities.

Another happy patient at Dr. Kaplansky's Gasport, NY office is very pleased with her white filling.

Patient very happy with dental cleanings at Dr. Kaplansky's Gasport, Lockport, Middleport, Medina

Happy patient describes her dental treatment experience with Dr. Kaplansky, Lockport, Medina dentist

Gentle and friendly staff at Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky. Gasport, Lockport, Middleport, Medina