Bone & Gum Grafting in Gasport, NY

At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we understand that feeling well cared for and happy with your dentist and dental team is important and that it can be uncomfortable to be referred out to another dental office for a certain procedure. That’s why we provide a wide range of services in our office, including bone and tissue grafting. After all, comprehensive dentistry is about more than just your teeth – we want to keep your bone and gum tissue healthy, too!

Bone Grafts

Bone loss is a serious problem. It can occur as a result of a chronic infection like gum disease or an abscess. Another common cause of bone loss is tooth loss. The bone of the jaw is an active tissue that needs to interact with the roots of teeth to remain at a healthy density. When a tooth is missing, the bone rapidly recedes.

If you’ve experienced dental bone loss, you may be unhappy with your appearance. Deterioration of the bone in the jaw can make your face appear sunken, create wrinkles, and make you appear older than you actually are. Severe bone loss can even alter the shape of your face.

Some dental procedures require a healthy jaw bone, including dental implant surgery; however, if you’ve experienced bone loss, you don’t have to live with it. Dr. Igor Kaplansky can build up the bone in your jaw by incorporating one of several different types of material including:

  • Your own natural bone taken from another area of your body
  • Preserved human bone from a tissue bank
  • Animal bone
  • A mineral bone material

If you’re going to have a dental implant surgery in the near future and you have poor bone density, there are two ways that Dr. Kaplansky can perform your bone graft:

  • If you need extensive bone grafting, he may recommend a completely separate surgery beforehand to improve your bone’s density.
  • If you have enough healthy bone to support the implant but you need a little extra to fit snugly around the sides, Dr. Kaplansky may take bone shavings generated during the implant surgery and perform a bone graft as part of the same surgery.

In both cases, he makes sure that your implants have a healthy, sturdy base.

Tissue Grafts

You may need a gum tissue graft if you’ve experienced recession of the gums. Receding gum tissue is often caused by advanced gum disease. If you’ve had severe recession of the gums, you may notice that the root of your tooth has started to become exposed, causing increased sensitivity and putting you at a higher risk for decay.

Dr. Kaplansky uses tissue from either your own mouth or from a tissue bank to cover your tooth’s exposed root. The tissue then heals and incorporates with your natural gums.

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