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Top 10 advantages of Dental Implants.

April 5, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Igor Kaplansky
A diagram of a dental implant | Dental implants in Gasport NY
10. If you wear a removable denture, say bye-bye to Fixodent and Sea-Bond! Messy and nasty tasting denture adhesives are a thing of the past once you have dental implants.
9. Your new dental work will stop damaging your adjacent teeth. No teeth grinding for dental bridges, no partial denture clasps that wear down and loosen your natural teeth.
8. Now here's a BIG one, ready? You'll be able to eat ANYTHING you want!
7. Ever worry about your dentures flying out of your mouth when sneezing or laughing? Your dental implants are even more secure than your natural teeth.
6. Dental implants help stop permanent bone loss that occurs after a tooth extraction. This preserves the jawbone, helps in maintaining your facial contours and minimizes sagging and wrinkles.
5. You will enjoy a much healthier lifestyle. Crisp fruits and veggies, nutritious and full of vitamins, will be back on your menu since you won't have to worry about loosening your teeth.
4. You’ll have a more youthful appearance. A healthy smile is a great sign of youth, happiness, and general well-being.
3. Increased level of confidence. No need to cover your mouth when playing with grand-kids, no more embarrassing questions: “What's wrong with Nana's teeth?”.
2. Working with a natural foundation of your mouth – your jaw bone, we’ll be able to provide you with the strong and beautiful smile you've always wanted and always dreamed about.
1. Drum-roll please... It'll make you KISSABLE again! Dental implants reconnect people with what they’ve lost. Youth, self-esteem, happiness. The joy of kissing! 
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