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From routine preventive care to advanced treatments, we have the skill and experience to provide the comprehensive care you need.

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Why put up with the hassle of missing teeth? Dental implants look natural, feel great, and restore function.

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Opening the Door to Your Optimal Oral Health

At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we emphasize the importance of maintaining optimal oral health because it contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle. We believe that we can help you create the foundation for a healthy smile with a sound preventive approach and proper personal oral hygiene.

We have identified eight key elements that ensure good dental health. By making these a part of your everyday routine, you can do a lot to keep your teeth healthy and strong:

Be aware of your own oral health needs:  We don’t expect you to be a dental expert, so regular dental visits with Dr. Kaplansky can alert you to potential conditions and problems you should be aware of. We will make personalized recommendations that take into account other factors in your life that may affect your dental health.

Be diligent about your oral hygiene routine:  We can’t say it often enough - brushing, flossing and proper use of dental care products will keep your smile healthy between visits, which is the key to enjoying long-term oral health. If we know of a certain dental care product that will benefit you, we’ll be happy to tell you about it.

Use fluoride products:  This essential element of dental care is as important for adults as it is for children. Fluoride treatments at our Gasport dental office are a great way to keep your tooth enamel healthy and strong.

Avoid acid and sugar in your diet:  Added sugar in foods have lead to an increase in both oral and overall health issues for many people. Controlling your family’s sugar intake is important for reducing cavities and ensuring good overall health. Foods like colas and fruit juices should be avoided because they are high in acid, which can destroy healthy tooth enamel.

Stop using tobacco products:  Aside from all the other damage smoking can do to your overall health, it’s terrible for your oral health too. Smoking and chewing tobacco contributes to bad breath, stained and damaged teeth, and gum disease. We urge you to take the steps to quit or drastically cut back on your habit.

Examine your teeth at home: Once you understand more about the current state of your oral health, you can keep an eye out for changes that may indicate a potential problem. We’ll be happy to show you how to check your teeth periodically, and what to look for. Having an idea of what’s going on between visits helps us know what specific issues we should focus on. This allows Dr. Kaplansky to stay on top of developing problems so they can be treated quickly to reduce risk of damaging your oral health.

These are all easy steps and should be easy to incorporate into your life. Regular dental exams and cleanings are obviously essential, but what you do between visits is just as important. Please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to schedule your next appointment for a dental cleaning and exam.