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Advanced Technology in Root Canal Treatments

February 20, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Igor Kaplansky
Root Canal Therapy | Gasport NY Dentist

We use 3D Computed Tomography or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). In dentistry, this is a wonderful new way of exploring what happens inside the tooth before even entering a tooth. It is used for dental implants and it is very successfully used for root canal treatments.

The patient’s tooth is scanned and we can see inside the tooth and see how many canals are there. We can see the shape and the size of these canals and we can measure them. We can also see if any of the nerve canals join together or if they branch out if there is any small accessory canals. That can all be discovered prior to the actual root canal procedure.

Another new technology that we incorporate is Electronic Apex Locator - a device that measures the root length without x-rays or without any imaging. It measures electrical impedance of the tooth and the adjacent structures and based on that, the device gives us a reading that we can then use to measure the exact length of the root.

Another technology is a nickel titanium file that we use to clean the canal. It is a great space age technology alloy that can bend safely and maintain a shape without breaking.

A diode laser can also be used to clean the canals. This is a great advancement because the laser can disinfect the inside of a canal and it can also remove some of the diseased tissue from the canal. 

Scheduling Root Canal Therapy

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