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Dental Insurance 101

September 28, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Igor Kaplansky
Dental Insurance Gasport NY

Finding your way through the intricacies of dental insurance can be challenging, to say the least. Many of us have more questions than answers when it comes to dental insurance coverage. Even the terminology - limitations, exclusions, annual maximums - can make you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth as you try to figure out what’s covered and what isn’t.

You’ve got enough things to figure out in life, and dental insurance should not be another. It’s important, but do you really need to become an expert to get the information you need?

At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, our expert team has lots of experience and all the expertise necessary to guide you through the maze of dental insurance.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

The most common questions we receive are about coverage of specific procedures and the portion that the patient will need to cover. It’s hard to answer this question properly without taking a look at the provisions of your specific coverage.

Treatments that dental insurance covers vary widely and depend on your insurance company and your specific policy. In general, most dental insurance policies will cover the cost of preventive services like professional cleanings, routine dental examinations, and X-rays for you and your children.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Depending on your policy, you may be responsible for a portion of the cost of preventive treatments. But simple and more complex dental procedures coverage differs, even from one policy to the next. We'll be happy to submit a pre-authorization for your treatment and help determine if a specific procedure is likely to be covered under your policy.

Does My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

Generally speaking, the majority of dental insurance does not provide coverage for cosmetic dental services. But every policy is different, and we will be happy to take a look at yours to see if the treatment you're interested in is covered. Orthodontic treatment is covered under some policies, separate coverage for orthodontics may be necessary.

Please Contact our Gasport Office

We know it’s easy to get distracted by the complexities of dental insurance when planning dental treatments for yourself and your family. Protecting your oral health is our priority, but covering the cost should never feel like a burden. The world of dental insurance can be complicated, but you should never feel that you have to forgo dental treatment because you can’t get straight answers about your insurance coverage.

If you still have questions about dental insurance in general, or would like more information about coverage for specific treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact our Gasport dental office. A knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to assist you in getting the answers you’re looking for.

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