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Missing Teeth – Finding the Right Solution for You

June 7, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Igor Kaplansky
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When we were little kids, the loss of a tooth was an exciting event – we even invited the tooth fairy to come help us celebrate! But, obviously, losing a tooth as an adult can be a pretty devastating occurrence.

Not only are you now missing a tooth, but you’ve probably also lost some of your self-confidence. A missing tooth can make it difficult to face the day, go to work, and talk with new people when our smile doesn’t live up to our expectations.  

Depending on the location of the missing tooth, you may wonder if it’s really necessary to have it replaced. Of course, it is ultimately your decision, but there are many reasons why tooth replacement is a good idea.

Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

  • You will be able to eat more comfortably! Each tooth plays an important role – from helping you to take a bite from an apple to chewing on a juicy piece of steak. Replacing your teeth will help you to enjoy your meals, and the rest of your teeth will remain strong when you are not relying on them to do the job of the missing tooth.
  • Your smile will look better! Depending on where your missing tooth is located, this may be more or less obvious. But no matter where it is in the mouth, that empty space is always somewhat noticeable.
  • Your overall dental health will be better! When you lose a tooth, the integrity of surrounding teeth is compromised. Over time, all of your teeth will shift slightly, and the stability of all your teeth can be in jeopardy. To avoid this movement, it is best to have your missing tooth replaced.

Learning about options for replacing your tooth is the best way to start the process of getting back your smile. Many people struggle with a visit to the dentist to replace a tooth because they don’t know what to expect. Here are some suggestions to make the process less intimidating.

  • Visit a dentist who specializes in tooth replacement.
  • Choose a dentist who knows what it takes to make you feel comfortable. A comfortable, inviting office environment and a sympathetic dentist will make your visit easier.
  • Ask about sedation options; there are a wide range of methods to help you relax – from listening to soothing music to different types of sedation that will make your procedure comfortable and stress-free.

Once you’ve decided to replace your tooth, you will have a decision to make. What type of tooth replacement is right for you? Do you want something permanent? Or would you prefer something removable? How much time and money can you spend on your tooth?

Tooth Replacement Options Offered at Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky:

  • Dental Implants
  • Bridges
  • Partial dentures

Please contact our office to arrange a free consultation, and together we can make the decision about which type of tooth replacement is best for you.

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