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Are dentures only for older people?

Most of us generally associate dentures with our grandparents or older people. While it’s true that elderly dental patients often rely on dentures after they have experienced tooth loss, dentures can help patients of nearly any age. 

If you are suffering from tooth loss and are considering dentures in Lockport, our dental office can help!  

Dentures for Every Age

Dentures are not just for older people, and dentures may be a promising treatment option if you are missing all or some of your natural teeth. We offer complete dentures and partial dentures to Lockport, NY dental patients depending on their individual needs. 

Unfortunately, tooth loss can occur at any phase of life for a variety of reasons: genetic conditions, severe dental decay, trauma to the face, etc. If you have experienced significant tooth loss, dentures are one of several treatment options you have available. 

Realistic and Reliable Dentures in Lockport, NY

You may have preconceived ideas or fears about dentures, but the look and feel of dentures have come a long way in recent years. Our dentures in Lockport fit better and feel stronger than the dentures that existed decades or even years ago. You might find yourself very pleasantly surprised by how dentures can improve your smile!

Dr. Kaplansky and Dr. Smith will be happy to help you get a healthier, attractive smile. We welcome people of all ages from Lockport, Terrys Corners, Wrights Corners, Carlisle Gardens, Hartland, and Highland Park.

Would you like to learn more about our full and partial dentures in Lockport, NY? Give our dental team a call today at (716) 772-7500.

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