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If I'm diabetic, can I be a candidate for dental implants?

Yes! Dental implants work well for those with diabetes, but diabetes must be controlled, or it can negatively impact the healing process. Before you undergo any treatment, we will consult with your family doctor to ensure dental implant technology is safe for you. 

Types of Dental Implants

We also offer various dental implant types in our Lockport dental office, including traditional dental implants, Zygoma dental implants, and Teeth Now®.

#1 Traditional Dental Implants 

Traditional dental implants mean our dentist implants a replacement root in your jaw. This root integrates with the bone to create a sturdy foundation for your replacement tooth.

#2 Zygoma Dental Implants

Zygoma dental implants are for those who have been told that dental implants are not a good fit for their tooth replacement needs. These dental implants work deeper in the bone or are angled to support your restoring tooth without the need for bone grafts or lengthy treatments.

#3 Teeth Now® 

Teeth Now® helps those with significant tooth loss realize a full smile. Your Lockport implant dentist relies on four to six implants to provide you with an entire arch of new teeth.

Whether you’re looking for implant-supported dentures in the Lockport area, traditional implants, or another option, our dentist has the skills and background to restore your smile.

Are You Ready for Your New Smile?

A healthy and functional smile is possible with dental implants in Gasport, NY. If you are ready for your dental implant consultation, please contact a team member today! 

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