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How do Teeth Now compare to overdentures?

If you live with tooth loss or are about to lose your teeth, Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky can help you attain a permanent, full smile. Dr. Kaplansky and Dr. Smith prefer using Teeth Now for patients because of their superior design, durability, and longer lifespan, especially when compared to overdentures. 

Overdentures Need Regular Replacement 

Overdentures are complete removable dentures retained by dental implants. The dentures snap into place on the implant, and ideally, they should be removed after every meal for cleaning. Like other dentures, overdentures (also called “snap-on dentures”) are acrylic, so they aren’t very strong, and they are susceptible to wear. 

Because each denture acts as an individual unit, the dentures have an average lifespan of five to seven years. Just like car brakes or tires, overdentures must be replaced to remain functional and attractive. Their design also makes them more prone to capturing plaque and bacteria, as well as bone loss around the implant.

Teeth Now Are Reliable and Long-Lasting! 

Teeth Now are sturdy, permanent dental implants that do not require removal or replacement. Their design is far stronger and more reliable than overdentures because they are a single unit instead of several. The prosthetic teeth are directly connected to the implant, and the implant itself naturally joins the jaw bone, which prevents bone loss from occurring. 

To learn more about Teeth Now and dental implants in Gasport, NY, please call our dental office today! 


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