Bone & Gum Grafting in Gasport, NY

At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we understand that it’s crucial to feel well-cared-for and happy when you visit your dentist. You want to trust your dental team, and we want to earn that trust and provide exceptional dental care every single time you visit us. It takes time to build a relationship and to feel comfortable with your treating providers, and we know that it can be nervewracking or scary when you are referred out to another dentist for treatment. 

Our goal is always to minimize your stress and discomfort, which is why we provide a wide range of services right here in our Gasport dental office. We do our best to keep your dental treatment in-house so that you can stay with a treatment team you already know. We also like helping you cut down on your travel time between multiple dental offices.

We work hard to provide comprehensive dental treatments for every area of your mouth. Comprehensive dentistry is about more than just your teeth—we want to keep your bone and gum tissue healthy, too! We offer bone and gum grafting to patients in the following areas:

  • Carlisle Gardens
  • Gasport
  • Hartland
  • Highland Park
  • Lockport
  • Terrys Corners
  • Wrights Corners

man smilingIf you live near these cities and need bone grafting or gum grafting, call our Gasport dentist, Dr. Igor Kaplansky, at (716) 772-7500 today! 

Dental Bone Grafts

Jawbone loss is a severe problem in the dental world. Bone loss can occur as a result of a chronic infection, such as gum disease or an abscess. 

Another common cause of jawbone loss is tooth loss. The bone of the jaw is an active organism that needs to interact with the roots of teeth to remain at a healthy density. When even one tooth is missing, the bone rapidly recedes. If many teeth are missing, the jawbone suffers and deteriorates even more quickly. 

The separate components of your mouth are designed to work and function together. When you damage or lose one part, the others will not perform as well as they should. Tooth loss and jawbone loss affect your mouth on a structural level and weaken your jaw. Unfortunately, bone loss will also impact your appearance over time. 

If you’ve experienced dental bone loss, you may be unhappy with your appearance. Your facial structure depends on the support of your surrounding jawbone, and your face suffers when your bones aren’t around to strengthen it. Deterioration of the bone in the jaw can make your face appear sunken, create wrinkles, and make you look older than you actually are. Severe bone loss can even alter the shape of your face.

If you are missing some of your natural teeth, you will want to replace them with dental restorations. Unfortunately, some restorative dental procedures require healthy jawbone, such as dental implant placement. This is because your jaw needs to be strong enough to support the dental implant posts. You may feel discouraged if you need dental restorations but do not have the jawbone strength necessary to undergo treatment. 

Luckily, there is a solution. If you’re living with bone loss that is affecting your life and making it difficult to obtain the dental restorations you need, our Gasport dentist can help. Dr. Kaplansky can build up the bone in your jaw by incorporating one of several different types of material. This treatment is known as a “bone graft.” 

Your bone graft can include: 

  • Your natural bone, taken from another area of your body
  • Preserved human bone from a tissue bank
  • Animal bone
  • A mineral bone material

Our dental bone grafts in Gasport are very safe and have high success rates. Jawbone grafts are an excellent option for patients who need to strengthen their existing bone structure. 

If you’re planning on dental implant surgery in the near future, and you have reduced bone density, Dr. Kaplansky can perform your Gasport bone graft in one of two ways:

  • If you need extensive bone grafting, he may recommend a completely separate surgery beforehand to improve your bone density
  • If you have enough healthy bone to support a dental implant, but you need a little extra bone for the dental implant to fit snugly around the sides, Dr. Kaplansky may take bone shavings generated during the implant surgery and perform a bone graft as part of the same surgery

In both cases, Dr. Kaplansky makes sure that your dental implants have a healthy, sturdy base.

Jawbone graft procedures are helpful even if you do not need dental implants. If you are looking to strengthen your bite or add structure back into your face shape, bone grafting may be a great treatment option for you. If you would like to learn more about bone grafting in Lockport, NY, our clinical team would be happy to speak with you. Please call us today at (716) 772-7500 with any questions or to schedule a bone grafting appointment with Dr. Kaplanksy. 

Dental Gum Tissue Grafts

Bone grafts are not the only type of dental graft available. If you have damaged or receding gum tissue, there is also a solution for that! At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we offer gum tissue grafts in Gasport, NY. 

You are a good candidate for a gum tissue graft if you’re living with gum recession or gum disease. The two conditions go hand in hand, as advanced gum disease often causes severe gum recession. You can easily feel and visually notice gum recession—you may see that the root of your tooth is exposed, or you may be experiencing increased sensitivity to touch, hot, cold, or sweets in that area of your mouth. 

gloved hand holding dental instrumentsWhen your gums recede, your teeth are at a higher risk of decay. Additionally, your smile will start to look less attractive, and your teeth may show stains or discolorations near the roots. Once you begin to notice gum recession, it’s best to take care of the condition as quickly as possible with a dental gum tissue graft. 

When you undergo a gum tissue graft in Lockport, Dr. Kaplanksy will use gum tissue from either your mouth or from a tissue bank to cover your tooth’s exposed root and protect the area. The process is similar to a bone graft in the sense that we are adding natural material into your mouth that will then heal and incorporate with your natural gums.

Your gums will feel sore and tender for the first few days after your gum graft. Therefore, you should eat a soft diet and avoid flossing immediately after your procedure. Your mouth will likely take one to two weeks to fully heal. At this time, you can resume your ordinary diet and brush and floss as usual. 

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