Dentures in Gasport, NY

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, you may be looking for an affordable tooth replacement option.

Dentures may be the solution for you! A denture is made up of replacement teeth attached to a plastic base colored to look like natural gums. A traditional denture apparatus is fitted to rest on top of the gums and is removable.

Dentures can help you eat more comfortably, improve your speech, and give your mouth a great new look. At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, our team can help you determine if dentures are right for you.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures: full dentures and partial dentures.

A full denture is appropriate if all of the teeth in your jaw are missing. It can be used on the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both. How does a whole new set of teeth sound to you? If your remaining teeth have become too troublesome to keep, you may choose to have all of them extracted in favor of a full denture apparatus.

A partial denture might be right for you if you have some natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures are also removable, and they close the gaps in your teeth by attaching to adjacent, natural teeth. They may use clasps or connectors called precision attachments. They are made to blend in with your natural teeth, with replacement teeth attached to a base the color of your gums.

What to Expect When You Get Dentures in Lockport 

If you need to have teeth extracted, your gums will need time to heal. Of course, you’ll also want teeth to use for chewing and smiling in the meantime. At this time, Dr. Kaplansky will provide you with what's called an “immediate” denture. Your immediate dentures can be used long-term, or you may opt to have another set made after healing is complete.. The tissues in your jaw will shrink and change shape after your teeth are extracted, so immediate dentures may need to be adjusted often to fit comfortably. After 6 month immediate dentures are relined with permanent liner and become your final denture.

Before sending you home with your dentures, Dr. Kaplansky will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your dentures. The following are some quick tips for good denture care:

  • Brush your dentures every day with a special soft brush designed for dentures.
  • Clean your dentures regularly with a gentle cleansing solution.
  • Keep your dentures moist while they are not in your mouth – Dr. Kaplansky may recommend a denture-soaking solution for you to use at night or whenever you’re not wearing them.
  • Visit our office from time to time for adjustments.

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