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Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Dentist explaining root canal to patient

It often starts as slight sensitivity to hot and cold foods, which may not seem like a big deal. It goes away quickly, right? Next it progresses into a more persistent twinge, however Ibuprofin makes it go away, so not to worry, right? The next thing you know, your tooth is waking you up at […]

How Do Veneers Work?

How do veneers work?

Have you ever noticed a clicking sound in your jaw when chewing or yawning? Perhaps you’ve had a headache around your temples? Or maybe you’ve noticed jaw pain while chewing? These symptoms may be associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ. At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we treat patients around Lockport, Terry’s Corners, Wrights Corners, […]

White Fillings – Podcast Interview with Dr. Kaplansky

White Fillings

Listen or Read Dr. Igor Kaplansky’s Podcast Interview! Topic – White Fillings Below you will find an easy to read transcript of Dr. Igor Kaplansky’s monthly podcast interview. You can click the video to listen to the podcast or simply read the easy to follow transcript below. Enjoy! Podcast Interview: RC: Hello, everyone. This is […]

Why Office Environment Matters

Welcoming Dentist Office Environment

Dental visits are often at the bottom of everyone’s “favorite things to do” list. We can understand that. But when a dentist has a comfortable, relaxing office environment designed with patients’ needs in mind, this can completely change! At the office of Lockport dentist Dr. Igor Kaplansky, you’ll find a soothing, home-like atmosphere with all […]