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Please, No...Not a Root Canal!

July 25, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Igor Kaplansky
Tooth Pain | Root Canal Gasport NY

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that root canals are the most feared dental procedure. What would we do without root canals and the mileage they provide for making a point about any unpleasant experience?

But are root canals really that bad? Dentistry has come a long way and we’ve seen a lot of clever and innovative advances in the last couple decades. So is it possible that root canals are the only procedure that is still in the dark ages?

Common Root Canal Myths

Myth #1:  Root Canals are Painful

No, no, no! Root canals have definitely benefitted from all the great new advances in dental treatment and techniques. If you’ve had a root canal recently, you were probably pleasantly surprised that the procedure was really pretty easy.

The reality is that by the time most people realize they need root canal treatment, they’re already in severe pain. Considering this, it makes perfect sense that many of us associate root canals with pain. If you didn’t have a root canal, the pain would continue. Admit it, didn’t you feel about a thousand percent better after your last root canal was over? See?

Myth #2:  Root Canal Treatment is a Long, Drawn-Out Process

At this point we could go into a very detailed discussion about tooth anatomy and how some teeth have one canal and others can have as many as four or five. The purpose of root canal treatment is to clear away the nasty infection inside the canal.

So the length of treatment is completely dependent on the individual and which tooth needs to be treated. Let’s assume you need a root canal on a tooth with three canals. If all goes smoothly, treatment would take about 20 minutes per canal.  Including prep time, that comes out to a measly 90 minutes.

Myth #3:  You Have to Be in Pain Before You can Have a Root Canal

Really? What do you think we’re here for? The whole point of dentistry is to make sure that you don’t get to the point of pain before we treat you.

The problem is that a lot of people put off regular appointments or ignore that little tingle in the tooth that never bodes well. That’s why you need to get here like a good little soldier and get your regular exams, and cleanings. Think of those routine services as another form of dental insurance.

Get in Here!

We know that in spite of all this, you will probably still have some hesitation about treatment. This kind of reaction is like a reflex because you’ve been programmed to think root canals are terrible when they’re really not.

When it comes to root canal infection, postponing treatment is the worst thing you can do. If you practice good oral health maintenance, we’ll catch the problem before it becomes overwhelming. If you do develop sudden pain and you get that sinking feeling that a root canal is on the horizon, stop worrying, pick up the phone, and give Dr. Kaplansky a call!




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