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CBCT Revolutionized Dental Implant Treatment Plans

Dental Implants

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), also called 3-D scanning, is a variation of the medical CAT scan but adapted for dentistry.

CBCT technology is a safer way to capture images of a patient’s oral structure because it emits far less radiation than the radiographs of old and allows for more straightforward storage methods that do not compromise the environment.

Your Gasport, NY dentist wants you to be safe and always adopts technologies that contribute to that!

How Is a CBCT Different Than a Panoramic X-Ray? 

A CBCT is a stand-up machine that looks like the panoramic x-ray most people are familiar with or used to. However, the panoramic x-ray captures landscape images of your entire mouth, while the CBCT relies on 3-D imaging to guide treatments or assist with a diagnosis.

The CBCT machine moves around the patient’s head and takes multiple images, then assembled into a three-dimensional picture by a computer. Once this image is produced, we can rotate it on the screen and measure precisely with a 1:1 ratio without distortion.

How Does CBCT Assist My Dentist Near Hartland, NY?

With this leading technology, your dentist can rely on virtual planning for an implant surgery before starting your procedure. This attention to detail allows us to avoid vital structures such as the sinus, nerves, or blood vessels. Consider the CBCT a tool for image-guided surgery. This means a superior outcome because your dentist can see everything ahead of time. With CBCT, we provide you with a predictable treatment outcome every time.

The CBCT has revolutionized dentistry and the way we practice now, and it means quality and lasting dental implants in Gasport, NY. 

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