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How Sedation Dentistry Helps Patients

Dental patient receiving sedation

While routine dental appointments and other dental visits help our patients maintain their oral health and attractive smiles, we realize a visit to the dental office can cause some anxiety for some patients. Fortunately, whether you have slight nervousness and extreme dental anxiety, we have sedation dentistry options to help make your dental appointments more comfortable.

At Dentistry by Dr. Kaplansky, we support our patients’ decisions to use sedation dentistry because we’ve seen how much it can help our patients. Millions of people across America have dental anxiety, and others avoid dental treatments that they feel may cause them discomfort.

With sedation options, we can help those patients get the dental care they need to enjoy excellent oral health comfortably and without fear.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

The best part about sedation dentistry, in our opinion, is the ability to use it when needed and at a level that is appropriate for the situation. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options in our office to suit our patient’s needs.

Standard sedation dentistry options include:

Nitrous Oxide

This sedation method is very mild, and it’s commonly used to calm anxious children, so they stay relaxed and happy during their dental procedures. Adults sometimes use nitrous oxide as well to make a procedure more pleasant. It’s a suitable sedation method for people who need to drive themselves to and from the dental appointment because it both takes effect and wears off quickly.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation offers a more intense sedation experience than nitrous oxide, and you’ll need someone to drive you to and from the appointment. With oral sedation, you will take a pill before your dental appointment, which will make you feel drowsy and relaxed during the procedure. It’s a safe, effective way to stay calm and make the visit comfortable. Most orally sedated patients have little to no memory of the appointment despite being conscious throughout the visit.

Intravenous Sedation

If you prefer to “sleep” through your procedure or appointment, intravenous sedation may offer you the most benefits. For IV sedation, we employ a board-certified anesthesiologist to keep you safe during the procedure. You should remain semi-conscious with IV sedation, but you will have no memory of the events that take place during your procedure.

With our range of sedation options, we can help all types of patients with varying anxiety levels achieve excellent oral health while remaining calm and unafraid. Patients can also use sedation methods to simply take the edge off a procedure that may cause slight discomfort, like a deep cleaning.

Thanks to sedation dentistry, there’s no need to skip your dental appointments or procedures. That will only cause you pain in the long run! If you’re interested in sedation dentistry, call our office today to discuss your needs.

Sedation Dentistry in Gasport

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