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Misconceptions About Dentists

Patient smiling as dentist shows dental model

If you are looking for a Lockport dentist, you might have some anxiety about calling. Did you know that more than 35 percent of Americans report having a fear of the dentist? You are definitely not alone in the way you are feeling. The problem is that many people have misconceptions about dentists that they have held for a long time. Here are some of the most common ones.

Misconception #1 All Dentistry Hurts

Dentists actually hate hurting patients and do everything they can to make patients feel comfortable. Your comfort is extremely important to us! At our Lockport dental office, we strive to provide each patient with the most comfortable experience possible. We will check in with you periodically throughout your appointment to make sure you have a pain-free experience. If you feel something you don’t like, simply say, “ah.” We will stop treatment and give you more anesthetic.

Misconception #2 Dentistry is Too Expensive

Many people do not realize how much time, money, and effort goes into making a dental practice successful. The dentist’s education alone would be daunting for any budget, but let’s face it – we all need dentists! We hire educated, professional, and friendly staff to make sure you get a great value for the money you spend in our office. We reinvest much of that money back into you, our patients, bringing in new technology to make your treatment better.

Dentists typically become dentists because they like taking care of people and enjoy making beautiful smile art with their hands.

You only get one set of permanent teeth and you are making an investment in your health.

Misconception #3 Dentists Look for Problems on Purpose

No way! We would love it if we had a dental practice full of happy, healthy patients. We truly care about you and your quality of life. We want your smile to be something that makes you feel great and allows you to eat all of the foods you need to stay healthy.

If you are looking for a Lockport dentist because you are new to the area or simply need a change, contact us and we will find a time that works best for you.